Kratky vs. DWC: Comparing the Hydroponic Systems

hydroponic greens

Hydroponic systems make growing plants at home more efficient, and there is none more simple than the Kratky method. While very similar to the Deep Water Culture system, it uses less equipment and requires less maintenance. It is an effective, low-cost growing solution that can work in just about any space. Choosing a method to …

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Kratky Method Peppers: Three Case Studies

kratky method peppers

The Kratky method is a simple, off-grid solution to growing plants hydroponically. Until a few years ago, the method was largely unknown. Traditional hydroponic methods include wiring, pumps, tubes, and other relatively complex ideas that scare away new gardeners. The Kratky method eliminates the barrier to entry and allows anyone to get growing! Pepper plants …

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Kratky Method: The Easy Way to Grow Your Own Food At Home

Sustainability is “in”, but the question is are You? The Kratky Method is the new way to grow food, sustainably, inner-city, and requires zero electricity or pumps. It’s just about as simple as it gets when it comes to this technique for growing large amounts of food indoors. You can say goodbye to struggling with …

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The Kratky Method: A Brief Overview

Growing plants and vegetables hydroponically may just be easier than it seems—thanks to the Kratky method!  Hydroponics is a method of horticulture that does not require soil – instead, the plants are grown in a nutrient-filled aqueous solution. In the past, hydroponics required power and expensive startup costs to operate. Recently, a passive, simpler approach …

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The Kratky Method Mason Jar

Kratky Mason jar

A Kratky Mason jar system is the simplest way to get your feet wet in the world of Kratky hydroponics. Using just a few cheap (or free) materials, you can construct a simple hydroponic food growing system. The Kratky method of hydroponics makes food-growing possible for anyone, anywhere. Similar setups can be created with all …

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