Kratky Method: The Easy Way to Grow Your Own Food At Home

Sustainability is “in”, but the question is are You? The Kratky Method is the new way to grow food, sustainably, inner-city, and requires zero electricity or pumps. It’s just about as simple as it gets when it comes to this technique for growing large amounts of food indoors. You can say goodbye to struggling with soil and fuss just to get a few measly kitchen herbs.

This method is a form of hydroponics. Hydroponics is a system of growing food without the use of soil.

No Soil?

You can easily grow a variety of herbs, vegetables, fruits, houseplants, and flowers with the Kratky method. The Kratky method only requires nutrient water, and a bucket.

A 5 or 6 gallon bucket is standard for Kratky as well as a net cup to provide support for the base of your plant.

The roots of the plant take up the nutrient water it needs while acquiring enough oxygen in the reservoir. This can be made easy with any food grade bucket from your local restaurants, found online or available for pick-up here.

Grow at Home

When it comes to growing fresh, homegrown food many of us don’t have access to grow space. The kratky method is a great way to bring gardening to you. Peppers, tomatoes, okra, and other various fruits and veggies, herbs, flowers, and even houseplants can be grown from the comfort of your home.

The Kratky method does not require any soil making for a clean and tidy indoor grow system. All you will need to do is keep an eye on the water level in the Kratky reservoir.


The kratky is one of the easiest methods to master when it comes to hydroponics. All you need to remember is that you will need nutrients to keep your plant fed, and happy!

You can start with a simple nutrient solution found online here. You may also create your own solution by using master blend, combined with calcium nitrate, and magnesium sulfate.

Forget the soil and fuss, and try your hand at simple hydroponics, the Kratky method. With a 5 gallon bucket, nutrient water, and a net cup you can grow just about anything indoors.

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